– Online Poker- Hand Ranking and Betting. The object of poker is to win money in the pot, which contains bets made by players during hand.  In online poker platform like poker online players can get high payback percentages than traditional gaming.

Before playing online or traditional poker game one should know about poker handing and betting sequences.

Hand ranking:

Flush: A flush is any five same rank cards suit.  The cards are not in sequence.  If they were in sequence, it would be a straight flush.  If there is more than one flush, the winning hand is determined by rank order of highest card or cards in flush.


Royal flush or straight flush: An Ace-high straight flush is simply a royal flush.  A straight flush is similar ranked five cards suit in sequence.

Full house: A pair and three one rank cards make a full house.  The rank of the full house is gritty by the three card grouping, not the pair.

Straight: Five sequenced cards, compose a straight.  If more than one straight is present the uppermost card in sequence determines winning hand.

Two pair: One unrelated card, two cards of another rank along with two cards of one rank composes two pair.  The higher rank determines which two pair is superior.  When two players hold two pairs and each has the similar pair, then the second pair rank determines the winning player.  When both players hold same two pairs, then rank of the unrelated side card determines the winning hand.  If the hand is identical then players split the pot.

One pair: One pair is simply three unrelated cards and two cards of one rank. When both players hold the similar pair, then value of unrelated side cards decide the winning hand.

No pair: No pair consists of five unconnected cards.  When no player has a pair, then the rank order of unrelated cards determines the winning hand.

Low hands: In split pot games, the best low hand composed of five unrelated cards with the rank of 8 or lower and capture half of the pot.

Three of a kind: Three same rank cards, along with two unrelated cards is called three of a kind.

Four of a kind: The quads, are a five card hand composed of all the cards of one rank and one unrelated card.

Betting:  Betting is the key to poker and minimizing losses when holding a poor hand while maximizing wins with good hands.

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